[2016] Other than ‚Rio Bravo’, this album is more of a bundle of tunes from different phases that we planted around the center which is the 707 Suite, about William Boeing and his 707 plane, getting people over the Atlantic Ocean in a cool way – helping the sixties cultural explosion to happen – on both sides of the sea. That’s where I locate our music this time. Tunes from around the atlantic lake….. D.M.

1. Rickenbacker Causeway  2. Corneto Por Stefano  3. Portree Liberty   4. Little Do I Know  5. 707 Suite  6. Courage  7. Blue Steel Silver  8. First Class Turbulence  9. Leaving Iceland  //  10. Six a.m. Gate 27  11. Happy Days  12. Casino Revisited

Special guests: Jeff Young – vocals, Erica Canales – vocals, James Morisson Bulman – voice
Xaver Fischer – wurlitzer, Markus Wienstroer – guitar, Zdzislaw Marcinkiewicz – organ. Nin – vocals, Piid – programming, mix.

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[2014] One night we stumbled upon an old Herb Alpert recording. Easy listening. Both fans of his music as kids, we found out we still are. We started recording. Checking trumpet tracks a lot, but with ease. Even found our way back into the days of ‚Citizen Wayne’ here and then. And it was summer. Go west. California dreaming.  Done with a smile…… D.M.

Track listing: 1. Still Happy  2. El Camino Pacifico  3. Camel Eyes  4. Valparaiso  5. Detroit Bel Air  6. 20th Century Dogs  7. Fortune  8. Chevrolet Nomad  9. Rio Grande  10. A California

Special guests: Jörg Lehnardt – guitar, Nin – vocals, Little Hill – vocals,  Piid – programming, mix. and the band.

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[2012] Hamburg in June. Icy wind and rain. Open air stage. We played a little bit faster that night, to get back inside a few minutes earlier. Checking the first rough mix in the recording mobile, I refused to like it and never wanted it to be released. Fortunately I got convinced to mix it again at our studio. We really had a great audience that night. It was worth it.
It’s also a reminiscence of our sextet line up, that we changed into a quintet shortly after. D.M.

Track listing: 1. Hornflakes Diner  2. The Consul Is Driving  3. Secret Loneliness  4. Casino  5. Norways  6. Motorcycle Hong Kong  7. Hard Nights Day

Line-up: Line up: Thomas Alkier – drums, Jürgen Dahmen – rhodes,percussion, Oliver Jäger – keyboards, Dal Martino – bass, Markus Wienstroer – guitar, Reiner Winterschladen – trumpet.

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[2010] First recording in our new studio. Big recording room. Audible investigations possible. But we’d hang a lot in East Europe that winter of 2009. Recorded in Warszawa and Bucarest. Even played a concert in the far East. Homesick and homework. A dark bluesy layer underneath all the time. Learning lessons thru the close cooperation with our guests, especially with Dominic and Anna Maria… D.M.

Track listing: 1. Boutique Korkut  2. To The Bar And Back  3. Male Tesknoty  4. Rialto Hotel  5. The Consul Is Driving  6. Frankfurt – Trancoso  7. The Younger We Were  8. Slave To The Moon  9. Ederlezi  10. Dust

Special guests: Zwani Jonson – drums, Dominic Miller – guitar, Anna Maria Jopek – vocals, Emilia Istvan – vocals, Semira Abdollahzadeh – vocals, Helen Kaiser – vocals, Rachel Scharnberg – vocals, Xaver Fischer – wurlitzer, Piid – programming, mix, and the band.

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[2007] „..though three years later, this album  feels like the second leg of ‚As the sun sets’ to me. Again a few vocal tunes, featuring Patricia Cruz from Brazil, Shannon Callahan from the US, and also Pat. One change  that might matter:  In 2005 we had our first tour . So there is more input from the band. More impact. Signals changed.“ D.M.

Track listing: 1. Define The Day  2. Road to Cartagena  3. Casino  4. Pensando Em Outro Mundo  5. Last Call For Passenger W.  6. Hard Nights Day  7. Back Where I Belong  8. Sepulveda Blvd.  9. Musical  10. Here We  11. Man In The Long Black Coat

Special guests: Pat Appleton – vocals, Patricia Cruz – vocals, Shannon Callahan – vocals.
Xaver Fischer – wurlitzer, Konstantin Wienstroer – bass, Little Hill – vocals, Thomas Kessler-synth. Piid – programming and mix

The Band: Thomas Alkier – drums, Jürgen Dahmen – keys. Perc., Markus Wienstroer – guitars, pedalsteel.

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[2004] „… with a happening Pat Appleton on bord, and a new company behind us, we opened up a new page of music for travellers, that we all had been for quite a while before…. D.M

Track listing: 1. Descend 2. Norways 3. Receptions In Brazil 4. Managing The Beatles 5. Capetown Unvisited 6. Departure 7. As The Sun Sets 8. Jetlag 9. Motorcycle Hong Kong 10. Farewell

Special guests: Pat Appleton – vocals, Ladi Geissler – guitar, Jürgen Dahmen – rhodes, Xaver Fischer – wurlitzer, Markus Wienstroer – guitars, Michael Rauter – cello, Little Hill – vocals.



[2001] „Influenced by the sounds of New York (West) and Bucarest (East) , we tried to stay in the middle, and with a lot of little help from our great guests we delivered our first milestone… D.M.

Track listing: 1. Positive  2. Joker Sleeps 3. Direction Downtown 4. The Lieutenant Is Driving 5. Tomorrow Evening 6. The Secret Loneliness 7. Nightflight  8. Back Home 9. Metro 10. Armatura Zalau

Special guests: Xaver Fischer – piano, Little Hill – vocals, Loco – guitar, Steffen Kamper – piano, Antoine Pallade – voice, Markus Wienstroer – guitar, Jürgen Dahmen – hammond.

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[1998] „Entering the scene with our living room recording…“ D.M.

Track listing: 1. Mondo 2. Bar Next To The Roxy  3. Orphanage Des Elephants 4. Round Midnight 5. Zero Hour  6. Hace Mucho 7. Manana 8. Hornflakes Diner 9. Back To The Beach 10. Love’s End

Special guests: Stefan Krachten – Drums, Steffen Kamper – Rhodes, Lucas Schmid – voice

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