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German Echo Music Prize Nomination

Reiner Winterschladen is nominated best brass musician national for

his work on NIGHTHAWKS -Rio Bravo

On February 24th we are going to Poland…

Thumbnail : On February 24th we are going to Poland…

to play a concert in this wonderful Concert Hall of Katowice.

Really, really looking forward.

We had a good start

Thumbnail : We had a good start

Thanks for the wonderful audience in Münster and Cologne, we had a very nice weekend and

a good start into our 2015 concert season.

here in Cologne. foto: Axel Schulten. Thank you!!

Good Luck in 2015!

Thumbnail : Good Luck in 2015!

We are starting on the 31st of January in Münster and Cologne. (Münster is sold out)

Tickets for Cologne, Stadtgarten here:$4718563

or at Stadtgarten.

We hope to see you in 2015 ! All the best!

The last two…down south

Thumbnail : The last two…down south

Riedlingen and Tübingen...we 're looking forward!!

foto: Willy de Jong

Next 3 in a row

Thumbnail : Next 3 in a row

Hamburg, Bochum, Heilbronn. We hope to see you there.

Luxemburg/ big line-up

Thumbnail : Luxemburg/ big line-up

We will play the Jazzfest in Echternach with our  big line up. Very rare..:)

and on it goes…

after great nights in Aarschott/Belgium and Rostock/Baltic Sea er are heading to Switzerland again. 'Moods' in Zurich is an incredible Jazz Club with a great sound.

After this we play the wonderful 'Tollhaus' in Karlsruhe. See the add here.

And the day after this we will play the fifth time - ...

The Summer Concerts

Thumbnail : The Summer Concerts

.. starting in Ulm on July 3rd here:

Offical Jazz Charts April ’14

Thumbnail : Offical Jazz Charts April ’14

We are on Number 5 and in good neighborhood! Thanks to all our supporters!!!

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