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Good Luck in 2015!

We are starting on the 31st of January in Münster and Cologne. (Münster is sold out)

Tickets for Cologne, Stadtgarten here:$4718563

or at Stadtgarten.

We hope to see you in 2015 ! All the best!

The last two…down south

Thumbnail : The last two…down south

Riedlingen and Tübingen...we 're looking forward!!

foto: Willy de Jong

Next 3 in a row

Thumbnail : Next 3 in a row

Hamburg, Bochum, Heilbronn. We hope to see you there.

Luxemburg/ big line-up

Thumbnail : Luxemburg/ big line-up

We will play the Jazzfest in Echternach with our  big line up. Very rare..:)

and on it goes…

after great nights in Aarschott/Belgium and Rostock/Baltic Sea er are heading to Switzerland again. 'Moods' in Zurich is an incredible Jazz Club with a great sound.

After this we play the wonderful 'Tollhaus' in Karlsruhe. See the add here.

And the day after this we will play the fifth time - ...

The Summer Concerts

Thumbnail : The Summer Concerts

.. starting in Ulm on July 3rd here:

Offical Jazz Charts April ’14

Thumbnail : Offical Jazz Charts April ’14

We are on Number 5 and in good neighborhood! Thanks to all our supporters!!!

Wonderful Spring Tour !Thank you all!

Thumbnail : Wonderful Spring Tour !Thank you all!

we had a great time and a wonderful audience during our little german spring tour from

north to south promoting our new Album- Rio Bravo. Thanks to everybody involved and to

everybody that came to see us!!!

We continue touring this summer!

We are happy

Thumbnail : We are happy

... the first bits of our 'Rio Bravo' tour starts on Thursday in the north of Germany....

Norderstedt-Kulturwerk and Kiel - Kulturforum. Then Hamm - Jazzfestival and Herford - Schiller.

looking ahead

Thumbnail : looking ahead

there are more concerts starting in July ... up to now

03.07.2014 Ulm 09.08.2014 Aarschott (B) 15.08.2014 Rostock 19.09.2014 Karlsruhe 20.09.2014 Mainz 03.10.2014 Echternach(LUX) 11.10.2014 Bochum 12.10.2014 Heibronn 25.10.2014 Tübingen 31.10.2014 Hamburg

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