Performing with TRANCE GROOVE 1993 (1)


At Hardy’s place 1997. First photo session – us in cigar smoke [photo: Hardy Brackmann]


Cover idea “Metro Bar” 2000 [photo: Axel Schulten]


Cologne Airport photo session [photo: Axel Schulten]


Reeperbahn – Hamburg 2003 during “Sun Sets” session [photo: Thomas Schloemann]


Recording session “As The Sun Sets” 2003


At studio with Pat Appleton 2003


Goldener Handschuh – Hamburg 2003


At Irmgard’s Hamburg – St. Pauli 2005 [photo: guy with polaroid]


Cracking up during the ceremony for our 3rd German Jazz Award for
Nighthawks ‚4‘ with our Drummer Thomas Alkier 2012 in Wolfsburg
Castle. [photo: Marie Starck]


Official Photo Nighthawks ‚4‘ 2006 [photo: Hans Starck]


First tour poster 2004


In the studio elevator while recording ‚Today‘ 2009 [photo: Axel Schulten]


Promoting ‚Today‘ in Krakow – Poland 2010 [photo : Dal Martino]


The new band 2012 in Munich [photo: Marie Starck]


Poster Nighthawks ‚Today‘ tour



Overnight recording during Rio Bravo 2013 [photo: Robert Winter]


Reiner rehearsing during ,Rio Bravo’ Session 2013 [photo : Robert Winter]


Control room during ‘Rio Bravo‘ mix – 2014


‚Rio Bravo‘ recording at Spinner Ace Studio 2014 [photo: Robert Winter]


Tour poster ‚Rio Bravo‘ 2014


A typical Lead Sheet made during rehearsal for the 707 tour


Homemade Poster in Austria


Official Tour Poster 707- 2016


Soundcheck @ Grillo Theatre, Essen (1)


Soundcheck @ Grillo Theatre, Essen (2)


Making Demos 2016


Near Gdansk in Poland with concert poster – Club Poklad. Great place.


With Belgian celebrities after playing at the famous KNOET


Signing routine @ Herzog Records


Backstage in France @ Chateau Dalmeran


Off Day after L´Instant Jazz a Grabels – France